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Technical Support Mission to Kazakhstan

Technical Support Mission to Kazakhstan

12.11.2019 11:54
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One of TB-REP 2.0’s objectives is to improve tuberculosis care financing in the participating countries. Reforms include stabilizing and implementing more effective payment mechanisms for service providers. The project’s international partners help countries with this by sending experienced specialists to countries on technical support missions to develop financing models and methods to calculate necessary expenses.

At the end of October and in early November, an expert on health care financing from the WHO, participated in such a mission to Kazakhstan.

The WHO expert was tasked with assisting the Kazakhstan Ministry of Health, National TB program, and other interested parties review expenses for tuberculosis treatment and care services. The next step was to determine effective financing models to combat tuberculosis in the country as well as the mechanisms for paying services providers. Meanwhile, keeping in mind the goal of ensuring anti-tuberculosis services quickly implement the patient-centered care model.

In preparation for the mission, the WHO expert closely studied the documents and materials related to the organization of anti-tuberculosis care in Kazakhstan and how it is funded. An analytical review of international approaches in this area was prepared, serving as the basis to develop recommendations for changes to the existing mechanisms in the country.

Among the several important meetings the WHO expert managed to conduct during his short visit to Kazakhstan, he met with the Kazakh group on finance reform. This provided an opportunity to discuss the material prepared by this group in great detail, and then to unify and introduce them into the discussion with specialists from the National Scientific Center on Pulmonology. The materials were adjusted according to the outcomes of the video conference and were presented to the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund.