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TB-REP 2.0: Promovarea îngrijirii de calitate TB centrate pe necesitățile persoanelor - de la noul model de îngrijire spre îmbunătățirea detectării precoce a TB-DR și a rezultatelor tratamentului

Tbpeople Ukraine: together we can change the system for the better.

Tbpeople Ukraine: together we can change the system for the better.

09.10.2020 14:36

TBpeople Ukraine lead a comprehensive implementation of the OneImpact mobile application in Ukraine as an effective tool for monitoring the barriers faced by people with tuberculosis.

The work is carried out in the following areas:

  • Improving the application to expand its capacities. «It should be a "living" tool that will meet the needs of users. So, in a year, we have added two services relying on demand analytics - psychologist consultation and legal support", say TBpeople Ukraine representatives.
  • Conducting trainings, organizing support groups and individual consultations. This is necessary in order to raise awareness among patients about their rights, responsibilities and the disease itself.
  • Determined from the results of the nature and gender analysis of existing barriers, the first evidence base was created. In the future, it is planned to use it for the implementation of patient-oriented approaches in treatment and support.

Using the information received from the application, the situation in the areas is analyzed with the subsequent response.

"And these are not all of our achievements. We work every day to make the application a familiar assistant for patients and social and medical workers. This will strengthen the mechanisms of high-quality referral and users will be able to receive the services they need, - mentioned the representatives of TBpeople Ukraine. – Achieving such ambitious goals would not be possible without established partnerships and collaboration with government agencies and non-governmental organizations. After all, it is the people who work in the field that are the driving force in reforming the system".

So the other day the Tbpeople Ukraine team members Olga Klimenko and Yevgeny Baborykin visited the Nikolaev region to initiate collaborative links.

At the meeting, held at the Nikolaev regional phthisiopulmonological medical center with the acting director Igor Anatolyevich Polyakov, the institution and regional medical specialists Evgenia Alexandrovna Banenkova and Svetlana Gennadieva Strigul and the head of charity organisation "Vremya Zhizn", Irina Parakhonko, the state of reform implementation, the opportunities for patient referral, the training events and activities to implement OneImpact were discussed.

"We believe that only together we are able to change the system for the better." The meeting was organized by TBpeople Ukraine as part of the TB REP 2.0 project of the PAS Center.