Center For Health Policies and Studies

Standardized package of community-based supportive services to improve TB outcomes


This document was developed in the framework of the TB REP 2.0 project Advancing people-centered quality TB care - from the new model of care towards improving DR-TB early detection and treatment outcomes, which is funded by the Global Fund, and builds on the People-Centered Model of TB Care: Blueprint for EECA Countries. It outlines a set of recommendatory standards for community-based, non-medical services such as awareness raising about TB, support in identification of TB and early treatment engagement, assisting people with TB through the treatment process and after the completion of treatment, in order to protect and promote the health and rights of people affected by TB. It pays particular attention to key populations by recommending a set of community-based services to better engage and reach key and vulnerable groups and to meet the complex and comprehensive needs of people affected by TB.