Center For Health Policies and Studies

The Mission

The Mission of the PAS Center is to build up a democratic society through improvement and development of health and social sectors, policy advocacy and evaluation, capacity building and reform supporting.

The Goals of the PAS Center are:

  • contribute to the development of democratic values
  • develop, analyze and elaborate health and social policies
  • analyze and develop strategies for social and public health interventions
  • promote health and social system focused on individuals
  • support health and social reform process
  • promote public involvement in decision process
  • capacity building
  • promote healthy life style

PAS Center is a dynamic regional organization with highly motivated professionals working in the area of social and public health areas: policy development and advocacy, programs implementation, monitoring and evaluation, qualitative and quantitative researches, capacity building, informational campaigns etc. Specifically, PAS Center is the best qualified to take over the following tasks:

  • health program implementation, including financial management and reporting
  • capacity building in HIV/AIDS, TB and STIs, hepatitis B and C and other social diseases
  • development and implementation of communication campaigns
  • development of study design, data collection and reporting
  • guidelines and informational materials development, approval, printing and distribution
  • training journalists on issues related to informing the population about HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C and other priority areas

Regional PAS Center activities includes people-centered health system tranformation in the 11 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. This initiative is being implemented under a joint agreement between the Global Fund and the Centre for Health Policy and Studies. The key PAS Center strategic partner is the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization.

The projects are implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ministry for Social Protection, Family and Child, World Health Organization, SMPU “Nicolae Testemitanu”, School of Public Health Management, local public authorities, local NGOs and other local and international organizations. These projects are financed by the Global Fund, World Bank, European Commission, Soros Foundation - Moldova, UNICEF Moldova, Swiss Agency for Development, Japan Social Development Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund)” and others. PAS Center was named and approved as a Principal Recipient of the Global Fund TB and HIV Grants.

The PAS Center is part of social responsibility program through a partnership with the platform E-Sanatate.MD by developing and implementing social utility online products: Spitale.MD (funded by the Soros Foundation - Moldova), Tuberculosis Info and VOT - video-observed treatment (funded by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria).