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TB-REP 2.0: Promovarea îngrijirii de calitate TB centrate pe necesitățile persoanelor - de la noul model de îngrijire spre îmbunătățirea detectării precoce a TB-DR și a rezultatelor tratamentului

The progress of #OneImpact implementation by TB-REP 2.0 partners was marked by the Stop TB Partnership at a special webinar

The progress of #OneImpact implementation by TB-REP 2.0 partners was marked by the Stop TB Partnership at a special webinar

09.06.2020 8:49

On June 3, a special #OneImpact webinar: Monitoring and Accountability of the Community in the Response to TB & COVID-19 took place.

During the webinar updates of the #OneImpact platform in the context of adapting to # COVID19 were presented, and also there were underlined the actions  necessary for its consistent implementation.

“We are working to ensure that tuberculosis control is affordable, appropriate, and manageable,” said Caoimhe Smyth, the Project Manager at Stop TB Partnership about OneImpact, a community-based monitoring tool.

In her presentation, she spoke about the status of the operation of the tool: it is being implemented in 11 countries at different stages of promotion and has already been translated into 11 languages.

It should be noted that within the framework of the regional project “Advancing People-Centered Quality TB Care - From the New Model of Care Towards Improving DR-TB Early Detection and Treatment Outcomes” (TB REP 2.0), the application is supported in 4 countries:
 the application has already been fully translated and is at the launch and training stage in Azerbaijan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan;
 the application is translated, adapted and is currently going through the process of escalation and expanding the number of users in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the project implementation partner is TBpeopleUkraine. The progress of the pilot implementation of the application in the country for the period from April 2019 to March 2020 was also mentioned at the webinar.

Key figures:
 175 people with tuberculosis downloaded the application to their phone,
 44 or 25% of them have reported barriers at least once. This indicator includes stigma from family members, the community, doctors or service providers.
Ukraine used stigma data to advocate for the assessment of TB stigma at the national level. With the support of USAID, a national tuberculosis stigma assessment study will be conducted, and TBPeople will continue to implement OneImpact to collect and respond to real-time stigma and other barriers to accessing treatment.

Caoimhe Smyth also shared the lessons learned from the experience of implementing the application in 11 countries:
 Make more progress by taking small steps
 The #OneImpact application makes possible the opening of a nationwide dialogue on TB and human rights with the participation of a broad range of stakeholders
 A single effect-oriented model provides a real opportunity for affected communities to interact with health workers and NTP representatives, and for people with tuberculosis to inform and evaluate tuberculosis control measures.
 Enhancing the knowledge of people with tuberculosis in the context of their rights and opportunities is a key component of the NTP interventions
 Ensuring the rights and protection of people involved in the implementation of NTB programs is an ethical and programmatic imperative. Therefore, reducing the risks for privacy and data security  is critical.
 The #OneImpact platform is flexible and adaptive. The proof of it is its rapid transformation in response to # COVID19.