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Health Workforce Baseline Assessment Tool: Overview of a methodology to baseline existing staff and determine future staff requirements in TB programmes

12/11/2018, 12:58 PM

TB-REP countries are currently taking efforts in introducing people-centered model of care. One of the main components for transitioning to the people-centered model of care is to ensure adequate workforce involved in TB care delivery. To help National Programmes to ensure health workers requirements are met at service delivery level, a simple tool has been developed to get overview of baseline staffing needs. The purpose of the “Health Workforce Baseline Assessment Tool: Overview of Baseline staff establishment and requirement in National TB Programmes” (the Tool) is to identify what is available in terms of health workers at service delivery level and baseline against current requirements to deliver quality services as part of National TB programmes. The objective of the tool is to get a quick baseline overview of staffing implications based on TB epidemiological data as well other pulmonology disease patients’ numbers and visits.